My Name is

I touch
people &

Because I believe that  genuine feedback from users enable the path to better design decisions.

I conduct qualitative field research, user interviews by using observation and shadowing methods to understand the user needs. I use these key insights in conjunction with metrics and data (quantitative and qualitative) to make informed decisions about potential user experience, interface and interaction solutions.


I facilitate
& seminars

Because design should be inclusive and collaborative. For me, everyone is a designer.

I use different methods and tools to help understanding core design problems to generating creative ideas and making right design decisions.

Business Origami

In here we use business origami method in a workshop in Singapore for Customs Digital Transformation project. This exercise helped us understand whole relationships between all players in the customs ecosystem.

Design Thinking Turkey

I also started Design Thinking Turkey community which has regular meet ups and inspirational talks about discovering new design methodologies. We’ve now has reached over 600 members. 

I see the
big picture
& create

Because they are priceless to help demonstrate research outcomes, user journeys and all details within the scope of the project. 

I have a background in visual design and this empowers me to choose relevant visual communication tools to emphasise the message and prioritise the information that needs to be communicated.

I prototype
& test

Because it is worth a thousand meetings.

I use different type of prototyping tools from paper prototyping to interactive screens. I keep the user at heart and involve stakeholders within the process to find out what does work and what doesn't. I believe in collaboration between developers, stakeholders and users. This ensures that everyone understands each other for the better. For that prototyping is an important tool for me to create alignment for each player in the project and see the product to ask the whys at the right time.


I believe in
the power of
function and

Because design is more than what meets the eye.

Visual design enables us to communicate the message through relevant tools. May it be illustrations, photography, typography, remindful iconography, persuasive colour, proper spacing, layout execution, and many other "little big details”, visual design is a universal and strong communication tool. And good design happens when this strong tool is used to communicate the purpose and the function of the product.

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